Client Trainer Certification
Train the Trainer

Just-in-Time sales training solutions delivered by your Business Value Selling ® resident expert.

The client certification process is designed to give our clients total ownership and control of their selling process and sales training delivery alternatives.

Clients are encouraged to have resident trainers that understand the company's business, its selling problems and opportunties. Client trainers must be able to effectively deliver the Business Value Selling ® Program, its tools and solutions whenever they are needed. In addition, all certified trainers are taught how to effectively coach sales people to help them "close" hard-to-win deals. This approach to in-house training significantly increases the value of the trainer within their company.

Each client trainer must attend the corresponding Business Value Selling ® program as a participating student prior to attending a Client Trainer Certification workshop. The trainers participate in the next sales training workshop as a player coach, and are responsible for delivery of one half of the core training modules. Client trainers are certified upon successful completion of the workshop, and their ability to effectively deliver all of the Business Value Selling ® modules and workshops.

Topics covered include:

  • Motivating sales people
  • Customizing course materials and Agenda
  • Work styles and reaction to trainers and BVS
  • Overcoming resistance and giving feedback
  • Creating excitement and total participation
  • BVS Modules – Content and Concepts
  • Problem solving vs. Teaching and Lecture
  • Communication Techniques
  • Multi-media Presentation Alternatives
  • Multi-media Presentation Techniques
  • Working with Problem Students
  • Coaching and Giving Feedback
  • BVS Module Practice Sessions
  • BVS software – Overview and Coaching

Who should attend?

  • Corporate Sales Trainers
  • Sales Managers

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Train the Trainer

total ownership of your sales training

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