Improve your chance to win!

Business Value Selling ® will help your sales people develop value-based sales plans for strategic accounts, must-win deals, and executive-level sales calls.

Business Value Selling ® is a proven solution for complex selling situations. It is built upon a unique business development process and discipline supported by knowledge-based software tools. Sales people learn how to build sales strategies for important accounts and must-win sales opportunities.

Business Value Selling ® will help sales people understand and influence their customer's business problems and need-to-buy. Business Value Selling ® workshop attendees learn how to develop win strategies that are based upon your company's unique business value and competitive differentiation. Decision-Making Process (DMP) models are used to identify key decision makers and their unique buying criteria. Executive-level Sales Call Plans are created for meetings with Key decision makers that will help each sales person advance their position towards winning the business .

Live customer situations are used to reinforce the learning experience and provide an immediate payback, and a high return on investment. This innovative selling process, which is completely automated, helps salespeople obtain a competitive advantage by helping them to improve the way they sell to and do business with their customers.

Business Value Selling ® WILL HELP YOU

  • Implement a sales process and discipline customized to your company's unique needs
  • Increase your chance to win new accounts and important sales opportunities
  • Reduce the time required to qualify and close new business
  • Become actively involved in your customer's business and buying process
  • Improve the quality of the qualification and forecasting process
  • Identify and communicate a unique value proposition for each opportunity
  • Understand and influence the customer's decision-making process
  • Develop a value-based sales strategy that will differentiate your company
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of sales calls and executive meetings
  • Improve face-to-face professional selling and communication skills
  • Immediately increase productivity, revenue and financial reward

Topics covered include:


  • Business Planning and Development
  • Funnel Management and Sales Analytics
  • Sales Process Checklist
  • Win Probability and Forecasting
  • Account Planning
  • Opportunity Planning
  • Solution Selling - Creating the Need-To-Buy
  • Creating Unique Value Differentiation
  • The Decision Making Process
  • Competitive Analysis and Strategy
  • Sales Strategy and Action Plan Development
  • Executive Communication Styles
  • Sales Call and Meeting Planning
  • Executive Positioning - Right Level Selling
  • Financial Selling Strategies
  • Business Value Selling ® Techniques


Who should attend?


  • Sales Vice Presidents
  • Directors, National Account Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sales and Account Executives
  • Sales Team Support People


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Business Value Selling

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 “Sales Force Systems™ helped us improve our ability to win new business."

They met with senior members of our sales team to identify ways to help us improve our business. They helped define our sales process, and delivered a training program and software tools that increased the effectiveness of our sales team.

We are impressed with the impact they continue to have on our business.


Jim Kelly

CEO Market6