Executive Selling Skills
Executive Selling Skills

Differentiate yourself from the competition!

Improve face-to-face communications with senior executives that have the power to buy.

Executive Selling Skills helps salespeople differentiate themselves from their competition by effectively communicating the unique value they bring to each customer’s situation. Executive Selling Skills is a two-day interactive workshop designed to improve effectiveness and interaction with senior level executives.

Executive meetings are brought to life during video taped sales calls.  Each sales call or executive meeting is a simulation of an actual call that the sales person or team will make on a key executive immediately following the Executive Selling Skills or Business Value Selling ® workshop. The tapes are used as a problem solving and coaching tool to help reinforce the sales strategy and selling techniques covered in the workshop.




  • Increases effectiveness of face-to-face communications with executives and decison makers
  • Improves customer communications among all levels and members of the sales team
  • Provides a common structure, discipline and process for sales calls and executive meetings
  • Provides communication techniques for staging and presenting the benefits of the call
  • Helps sales people create value in the first two “business minutes” of the sales call
  • Provides a model that is used to help develop “open-ended” needs identification questions
  • Provides techniques such as active listening and mirroring to improve communications
  • Provides a model that is used to effectively listen to and overcome objections
  • Provides a model and technique used to create value and competitive differentiation
  • Provides a technique to illustrate the current-value and future-value benefits of the solution
  • Teaches how to communicate the time-value of money and its impact on the business

Topics covered include:


  • Pre-Call Intelligence
  • Getting the Appointment
  • Sales Call-Meeting Preparation
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Agenda Development
  • Need Identification Questions
  • Quantifying the Need-to-Buy
  • Problem to Solution Verification
  • Creating Value and Competitive Advantage
  • Executive-Level Presentations
  • Communication Structures
  • Active Listening Techniques
  • Executive-Level Financial Language
  • Current-Value Target Value Selling
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Follow-up and Action Items


Who should attend?


  • Directors, National Account Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sales and Account Executives
  • Sales Team Support People
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Executive Selling Skills

you have one chance to make a first impression

“We win business and see an immediate increase in revenue every time I run a Business Value Selling ® workshop.

I have worked with Sales Force Systems™ for the last 20 years. They deliver the results I needed to grow our business, and are always there to help.”


Dave Hood

President and CEO, Troux Technologies