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MySalesGPS answers the question "what's my chance to win, and what can I do to improve it?" The tool helps you focus on business you can win, and reduce time spent pursuing accounts you cannot.

MySalesGPS provides three important benefits:

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  1. It provides an actual percent to close based upon qualitative analysis.
  2. It identifies strengths in your sales strategy.
  3. It identifies problems early in the sales cycle and then creates
    an effective action plan to help you improve your chance to win.

Use MySalesGPS to determine where your sales strategy is strong, and where it needs work. The tool provides nine important questions or things to think about as you compete for your customer's business.

  1. The customer's business problem and Need-to-Buy
  2. Your solution fit (as perceived by the customer)
  3. The customer's decision-making process
  4. Your Inside-Sales Person (ISP) or coach
  5. Your access to executive-level decision makers
  6. Your competitive awareness
  7. Your influence on the customer's buying criteria
  8. The customer's funding or budget commitment
  9. The customer's buying history

Based on your answers, MySalesGPS uses a unique algorithm developed over decades of sales practice to output a series of specific actions you should do to improve your chance to win.