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Impact software will help your team win business and surpass your sales goals.  Impact is the world’s first knowledge-based, automated tool set designed specifically for sales teams that compete in complex selling situations. Impact helps sales people develop value-based business solutions for enterprise accounts and new sales opportunities. Impact’s knowledge engine guides teams through “best practices” that mirror the way that you want them to sell. Impact is easy to use and adds discipline to the selling effort.

The interactive coach, Sales Genie, provides coaching and problem solving on an as-needed basis. Impact reports provide consistency across the enterprise and professionalism to the selling process. Impact’s account presentation tools save selling time, and gives each member of the sales team at least two days of additional selling time every month. Results include accurate and predictable forecasts and increased win rates.

  • A knowledge-based software tool that helps sales people win business
  • Easy to install and customize to your unique way of doing business
  • Creates Account Plans, Opportunity Plans and Sales Call Plans
  • Mirrors your sales process and adds consistency and discipline
  • Creates a common sales process and sales language
  • Increases the accuracy of the forecast and improves win rate