Click the links below or screen shots to access online demos and see how Impact will help your team increase win rate and shorten your sales cycle.
The Funnel provides a real-time snapshot of a sales person or company’s business. It improves the accuracy of the 30-60-90 day forecast via the Sales Process Checklist and Win Probability Model.
Business Plan
The Business Plan is a template for success. It quantifies the sales metrics required to achieve personal and business goals and identifies sources of business from new and existing accounts in terms of revenue and units sold.
Account Plan
Customer Planning is used to develop sales plans and strategies designed to win large new name accounts, and to increase your share of addressable business in your existing accounts.
Opportunity Plan
Opportunity Planning will shorten the sales cycle and increase the chance to win new business. It helps sales people identify the customer’s need-to-buy, decision making process and develop a unique value proposition to win the business. It is a disciplined approach for winning the sales war!
Sales Call Plan
Sales Call Planning is a process designed to ensure that sales people call on the right person for the right reasons. Effective sales call planning will help differentiate you from the competition, and reduce the number of sales calls required to close by as much as 50 percent.
Executive Reports
Review current impact information about the funnel, territory, accounts, opportunities, call plans and contacts, in an organized report format, with the touch of a key. Your company’s logo will be strategically positioned at the top of each report.