Account Planning
Account Planning
Improve customer intimacy! Maintain and grow your company's most important accounts.

Large enterprise accounts are extremely complex, constantly changing and bring a new challenge to sales and support teams. Senior executives change at an alarming rate making it difficult to build and maintain long-term relationships. Your prize accounts are on your competitor's radar screens. They are trying to win your business right now. Strategic Accounts contribute more than 50 percent of your company's revenue. They will continue to buy from you if your teams continue to provide value and plan for the future. Account Planning must be a critical component of your business plan.

Major Account Planning (MAP) is a two-day workshop designed to help business development teams sell to, grow and protect your corporation’s largest and most important accounts. This highly interactive one-day workshop, which includes automation tools, teaches sales people how to penetrate, protect and increase their share of addressable business in the accounts your company cannot afford to lose.

Topics covered include:


  • Gathering and Using Account Intelligence
  • Account Business Strategies and Tactics
  • Account Business Drivers and Change
  • Critical Events and Opportunities
  • Account Partners and Competitors
  • Senior Executive and Impact on DMP
  • Business Unit Definition and Potential
  • Competitor Identification and Share
  • Opportunity Mining and Account Penetration
  • Opportunity Identification and Quantification
  • Opportunity Pursuit Assignment
  • Account Plan and Strategy Development
  • Business Value Strategy Development
  • Value Proposition and Differentiation
  • Team Selling and Objective Setting
  • Executive Relationship Responsibility Matrix
  • Team Collaboration and Follow-Up


Who should attend?


  • Sales Vice Presidents
  • Sales Directors and Senior Managers
  • Sales Managers and Team Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sales and Account Executives
  • Sales Team Support People
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Account Planning

the accounts

you cannot

afford to lose

Sales Force Systems™ helped our sales teams win new accounts for the last 10 years.

Implementing the Business Value Selling ® Account Selling process helped increase our win rate and reduce the time required to reach revenue growth objectives.

This is a proven sales process that will help professional sales people surpass quota objectives.”


David Rode

VP Sales