Coaching For Sales Excellence
Coaching for Sales Excellence
90 percent of your company’s most valuable resources walk out the door every day. What will you do to make sure they return?

High performance sales people have one thing in common. They have a good sales manager and coach that will help them achieve results beyond expectations.  The key to achieving peak performance is to teach your sales managers how to effectively coach and mentor each member of their sales team, and provide them with tools and techniques to improve each person's chance for success.  Sales managers have a significant impact on their team's performance. Coaching For Sales Excellence ensures it's the right kind! Coach and lead your team to peak performance.

Coaching for Sales Excellence is a two-day workshop designed to help sales managers improve the performance of their sales teams. The workshop provides a series of assessment tools that are used to identify the characteristics of your ideal sales person, create a sales team "task-specific" skills inventory, and then match each team member's skill level against a common set of metrics. Deliverables include a Sales Team Assessment and Selling Skills Inventory plus a Strategic Growth Plan for a team member.

Video taped one-on-one coaching sessions are used to reinforce all “coaching” techniques presented in the workshop. Managers attend actual Business Value Selling ® sales training workshops with their teams. Their mission is to actively coach and help their sales people win hard to close deals. Deliverables include a Performance Improvement Plan for a team member of their choice.

Topics covered include:

  • Managing the Business Development Process
  • Leadership, Coaching and Managing
  • Sales Force Performance Metrics
  • Sales Rep Profiles and Growth Phase
  • Coaching for Peak Sales Performance
  • Five Critical Coaching Skills
  • Six Step Coaching Process
  • Objective Setting and Feedback
  • Guidelines for Giving Feedback
  • Identifying Sales Rep Work Style
  • Coaching Style and Communications
  • Managing the Sales Process
  • Skills Inventory and Sales Tool Checklist
  • Motivating and Problem Solving
  • Coaching – Analysis and Discovery
  • Sales Call Coaching and Objective Setting
  • Sales Call Coaching Critique Tool
  • Face-to-Face Coaching Techniques
  • e-Coaching – Technology Tools
  • Creating a Performance Improvement Plan
  • Getting Buy In


Who should attend?


  • Sales Directors and Senior Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Support Managers

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Coaching for Sales Excellence


Managers learn how to coach and lead their teams to peak sales performance.